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Wilfrid Laurier University
Laura Allan

th BU121- January 24 2013  GEL- flow is important. BE concise. Have a final Summary paragraph. The timeline and outline are a page each  ALWAYS double space  If you don’t understand the expectations, ASK  Download Powerpoint: The Art of the Pitch Lecture: The Art of the Pitch (Elevator Pitch)  Often, you have a VERY short period of time- similar to the time spent in an elevator  First Impressions count; they are formed very quickly Objective:  Prepare you for the Individual Pitch Assignment o In the labs of February 4 o Pitching for New Venture idea o Collaborating results in academic misconduct o Improve individual Presentation Skills o Succeed in the real world because… o EVERYTHING IS A PRESENTATION: Even having beers with someone is a presentation- a presentation is anywhere that you are being judged! o Do so in a persuasive, impressive way  “Before you can capture people’s funding you have to capture their trust. And before you can capture their trust you have to capture their attention. That is the art of the pitch.” Pitch Structure  The structure of a pitch is very specific- clarity and conciseness is a MUST  Make sure opening and closing  Pitcher should be “genuine”- be POLISHED but not slick (will lose many marks) o You don’t gain trust without authenticity  Audience should be engaged- NEVER READ The “elevator pitch”  The elevator pitch explained:,com/watch?v=Tq0tan49rmc  Last year’s winner:  Takes the same timespan as an elevator ride from ground to the 8 floor  2 key elements: o What problem are you trying to solve? o Value proposition MUST be shown  4 key tests: o Be Succinct o Be easy to understand o Must be greed-inducing o Must be irrefutable: don’t leave investors with questions Structure  To summarize, what are the KEY ELEMENTS of an elevator investor funding?  Pain Statement: o What needs will the product address?  Gain Statement: o You must demonstrate the value proposition and comp advantage- HOW the product solves the pain  WIIFM o You must demonstrate why the idea is worth the investor giving more time to listen o Make the info up if you don’t have it! o The return can be qualitative, MUST be there  These elements must be presented clearly and concisely o A logical structure is essential Key’s to a great pitch  It’s a conversation, only you’re doing most of the talking  If you’re not being authentic, it’s easy to see through  7% of communication is words, 55% is body language and facial expressions, 38%
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