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Wilfrid Laurier University
Laura Allan

BU121 January 31 2013 DISC/EQi- HOW DO YOU INTERPRET THE REPORTS….not summarizing…  Use title page? It simply adds to perception Casual Claims:  If different people have different assumptions your argument will not hold/will be dismissed  Arguing that “certain events or factors (CAUSE) are responsible for bringing about other events or situations (EFFECT)” o Cause and effect relaltionships are an important aspet of understanding- basis of cases  May be multiple or rival causal explanations due to: o Differences between groups, correlation between characteristics, (after this therefore because of this) o Post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy (after this therefore because of this) o “Laurier grads excel far more often in CMA exams because…attracting more talented students, better professors, people actually give a shit, case method…”  Application o Think through all possible causes and address them explicitly- not doing so may work against you o Examine soundness of casual argument- We can determine if what we’re saying makes the most sense Identifying Casual Claims (i)if a then b….ii)a…therefore B)  Use creative powers to suggest several possible causes for the given effects in the following statements: o You’ve overslept three times in the past week because….”I’m an alcoholic, I was popping pills, I don’t give a fuck, I went to bed too late…”  Underlying assumption: sleeping in is BAD o Although overall industry sales are down, your product is exceeding projected sales figures…”good tech support…” Identify the casual claim and the causal explanation….what is a rival causal explanation? Techniques of Persuasion MARKETING: Chapter concepts to focus on (download PPT)  Marketing Concept  Customer Value and customer satisfaction  Relationship marketing and customer relationship management  Target Market  Competitive Advantage o Porter’s generic competitive Strategies (lab manual page 97) o Value Proposition- Business Model Canvas  Marketing mix- 4 P’s  Not-for-profit Marketing  Consumer decision-making process o The influences on decision making o Will be incorporated into business model  Consumer buying decisions vs B2B markets (selling good/service to other business)  Market segmentation- 5 types o Market Research- NOT TESTED ON but needed on Business plans  Trends in marketing (not in lecture BUT tested in Multiple-Choice) Critical Success Factors  Achieving financial performance  Meeting customer needs  Providing quality goods and services  Encouraging innovation and creativity  Gaining employee commitment- if you don’t have this, business WILL NOT meet the needs of the customer What is marketing?  “an inte
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