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Laura Allan

BU121- January 17th DO THE ASSESSMENTS THIS AFTERNOON GEL- group project- get the readings for it DONE TEXTBOOK READING: 4 Principles of Business Writing, 3*3 Writing Process, Task and Audience Today’s Topic: COMMUNICATION  To articulate and communicate your business plan orally- how best to do that?  Writing will set you apart  HS has taught us to write in an essay format; BIZ WRITING IS DIFFERENT o Audience Focus: “you” view, conversational but professional, positive vs negative connotations, Bias-free language, plain language and familiar words, precise and vigorous o Look in textbook for above concepts  Having a clear, consistent voice in one team is a challenge  Creating cluster diagrams- draw out visually, not tested but useful for writing and studying  Organizing ideas- direct vs indirect pattern; not tested but useful for writing  Creating Effective Sentences: o Common sentence faults, preferring short sentences, emphasizing important dieas, active and passive voice, dangling and misplaced modifiers  Drafting Powerful Paragraphs o Various paragraph structures, paragraph coherence- for smooth flow- must be ensured to prevent annoyance and forfeiture of the reader o How you communicate the idea is just as important  Proofing and revising o Have you done things concisely? o Flabby expressions, long lead-ins, unnessary fillers, redundancies, empty words  Revising for Clarity o Short and simple, trite phrases, clichés and slang, buried verbs, excessive exuberance  Designing docs for readability o White space, margins, typeface (font), capitalization o MAKE someone want to read!  Communication that “sticks”  Chip and Dan Heath- `MADE TO STICK  What sticks? o Understandable, memorable, and effective in changing thought or behaviour o Business communication is MEANT TO BE PERSUASIVE o Urban Legends  Are ideas born or made interesting? o Center for Science and Public Interest (CSPI) insisted movie popcorn was unhealthy; found 37.5g of fat but REPHRASED THE INFORMATION; Coconut oil was used due to cost and textures o Interesting but not sensational, truthful but not mind-blowing and important but not “life or death” SUCCES(S) MODEL:  Simple- write as simply as you can  Unexpected- has an element of unexpectedness  Concrete- imagery must be easy to understand  Credible- you want them to believe what is being said  Emotional- people must feel connected  Stories- A story that will influence individuals to act Simplicity  Core + COMPACT  Finding the core of the message: It’s not the plan, but the process of planning that matters o Analogous to the “commander’s intent”- no plan survives contact with the competition! In reality, you DON’T know what the enemy’s going to do  Matter of forced prioritization- Don’t bury the lead o Force the reader to stay on the message  Communicate the Core  Simple but profound- like a proverb  Use Existing Schema: simplify an existing idea by taking on what people already know…use leverage  Use Analogies- simple, compact, gets to the point  Use generative metaphors- Disney calls their employees “cast members” and their customers “guests” to give them a perception of importance and to influence behaviour Unexpectedness  Get audience to pay attention, then get them to KEEP it  Need surprise and interest  Violate Expectations o Be Counterintuitive- uncommon sense o Nordstrom’s department stores: value proposition that customer service should be at
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