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BU121 Lecture Notes - Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition, Georgian Lari

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Laura Allan

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Business Models 2
Great customers
- Analyze customer value
- Customer characteristics
Easy sales
- Ease of sales
- Profit margins, returns
- Cross Selling
o Movie theaters with tickets and concessions
o Gillette with razor and blade combination, risk losing customers to blades that others
can produce at cheaper costs and selling price
Long life
*analysis requires a paragraph per two tools within each third
Take the massaged idea, following application of the GEL analysis, to create a refined business model
- There is no standard model
- All companies use different approaches with effectiveness
Business Model Canvas:
1. Customer segments
a. Know customers
b. Decipher the size of your target
i. Niche?
ii. Mass?
iii. Segmented?
2. Value proposition
a. Value to customers
b. Relation to prices
c. Customization/performance
3. Channels
a. Awareness
b. Evaluation
c. Purchase
d. Delivery
e. After sales
4. Customer relations
a. Personal assistance?
i. Specific personal
b. Self-service, individual
c. Co creation
i. Interaction w customers
1. YouTube
2. Customer reviews
5. Revenue stream
a. Asset sale
b. Usage fee
c. Subscription fees
d. Lending/renting
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