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Laura Allan

Critical Thinking Claims  The major conclusion of a piece of writing that the author is trying to persuade you to accept  Uncontested Claim o Conditions in which people may accept a claim without challenge o Four conditions 1. Consistent with your own experience and observation 2. Fact – that is independent of some ones opinion 3. When there is agreement among experts – range of consensus 4. If it is a technical or mathematical claim  Contested claims o Examine and evaluate the evidence given to justify the claim  Application o Need to present ideas with clarity and emphasis o Use headings and subheadings to make your claim logic  Words to look for o Therefore, thus, in summary, I believe, as a result, in fact Evidence  A statement in response to the question: Why is this true?  Argument = claim + evidence  Quality of evidence o Accuracy o Precision o Clarity o Authority o Representativeness  Reality Assumption o Relate to how you see the world working  Value Assumption o The way it is thought that it should be  Application o Clearly state the significance of the evidence
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