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Wilfrid Laurier University
Laura Allan

February 28, 2013 BU121 Midterm Exam (Sunday March 3, 1-3:30 pm) M.C from readings = 25 marks – base concepts Short Answer questions from lectures 13 questions/ 16 parts 1-4 mars, some choice = 40 marks – more in depth -explanation and application -“what did I learn?” and “why did I learn it?” Problems = 15 marks 3 questions/ 4 parts : 1 -7 marks (cash budge, break even and worksheet) Total: 80 marks Topics Business Planning – 7 Marks total -Unit 1/ Chapter 8 – Writing an Effective Business Plan – 3 marks m/c -benefits of writing a business plan -model of business planning -key questions answered, characteristics of a well prepared plan -critical risks and milestones -seven deadly sins Lecture –Art of the Start 4 marks -5 things an entrepreneur must accomplish -reasons for writing a business plan Think of examples such as Subway, and frozen goods Communication 8 marks total -unit 2 business writing – 3 marks m/c (dangling modifier) -Lecture – Made to stick 5 marks s/a -what is a sticky message -6 success model principles -why they affect the stickiness -way to achieve principles Disc & EQI – 7 Marks -lab manual (pages 118- 135) – 4 marks m/c -main points (using the articles highlight the main claims) -Lecture – 3 marks s/a -difference btw EI, IQ and personality -uses for EI in business -basic model of DISC -4 personality styles -axes – active/ passive (use common language) active, task/people - and resulting styles -major fears (main point that drives the responses is fear) Critical Thinking – 7 marks total -lab manual/ reading and exercises -claims, evidence, underlying assumptions and casual claims -what they are and How to find them -how to evaluation and How to apply to writing -techniques of persuasion, How to build a persuasive argument -m/c – 4 marks -short answer section – 3 marks Marketing – 24 marks -unit 3/ chapter 12 – understanding the customer 2 marks m.c -marketing concept – customer value and satisfaction, building relationship -types of competitive advantage -consumer decision making -process, influences -consu
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