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BU121 Lecture Notes - Mass Customization, Operations Management, Finished Good

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Laura Allan

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BU121 Week 9 Lecture 2
Assess Their Tendency
Most people are extremely predictable
Key is to be observant enough to recognize it
o Behavioural style and company culture
Culture of a company affects someones style
4 basic interaction styles similar to DISC
o Pace of information exchange
how engaged are they, how quickly are they talking or how passive are
o Focus on tasks or relationships
Drivers (D)
fast paced, task focused
Drivers: unemotional task focus, going at it in a more direct fast
paced way, often intimidates people but are probably the easiest
person to negotiate with me, concern is failure, don‟t want to fail
on the big things, tend to take on a competing strategy
Expressives (I)
Expressive: someone that wants to be engaged with you, want to
collaborate with you and are often dreamers, concern is boredom
people focused, fast paced
Amiables (S)
Slow paced, people focus
Amiables: moving at a slow pace to make sure that everybody‟s
happy, annoy the driver/expresser because they are going to slow,
do this because they do not like conflict, more likely to
accommodate because they do not like the conflict, concern is

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Analyticals (C)
Analyticals: moving slowly, focused on task, know their analytical
when they would like to see more information and analyze the
data, going behind it cautiously, don‟t want to make a mistake
Slow pace, task focused
None of the four strategies are universally applicable or appropriate
Minimal issue
Recognize it may grow in importance
Do it in way that demonstrates investment in relationship
Superior option readily available elsewhere
Objections are a sign of interest
Avoidance can be negative
In significantly weaker bargaining position no leverage
Can improve leverage with knowledge
How you accommodate is as important as when
“this time around we would be willing to consider…” and don‟t make
Accommodation: makes sense when in weaker bargaining position, don‟t make an
excuse when you mess up and give in, best way to accommodate when you mess
up is by taking full responsibility
Opponent not inclined or capable of collaborating
Need senior players in loop to get at true needs
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