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BU121 Lecture Notes - Assertiveness

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Roopa Reddy

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DISC and Emotional Intelligence
Monday, January 21, 2013
1:22 PM
EQ and IQ
IQ doesn't and can't predict success in life
IQ = cognitive abilities ("book smarts")
EQ isn't same as personality (set of traits and relates to how people describe
you, static)
EQ you can improve over lifetime
But all three (IQ, EQ and personality) can link together
What is EQ?
a set of emotional and social skills that influence way we perceive and
express ourselves, develop/maintain relationships, cope with challenges etc.
"street smarts" -> you can get better at it
3 measures of EI (we use EQI- first scientifically validated, most widely used)
oEQ is even more important than IQ and technical skills combined
oEmotional intelligence sets you apart in terms of higher performers
oLeads to more successful hiring, reduced training cost etc.
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