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BU121 Lecture Notes - Critical Success Factor, Human Resource Management, Job Analysis

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Roopa Reddy

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Human Resources & Labour Relations
Wednesday, March 20, 2013
1:18 PM
Critical success factor: gaining employee commitment
Without commitment of employees, can't encourage innovation unless
they're committed to outcome
Can't meet needs of customer unless employees are engaged, can't
achieve financial performance
Costs to training new employees, if employees leave they take their skills
with them to other companies
Human resource management- process
Job analysis and design- planning and forecasting- job analysis*
Recruitment and selection
Objectives of recruitment
Validity and reliability of selection methods
Training and development: going beyond basic skills
Performance planning and evaluation
Compensation and benefits
Job evaluation process, pay equity
Labour relations in unionized environment
Labour movement and negotiations
Laws- Employment Equity Act
Laws to ensure that companies don't discriminate, bias/discrimination
Legislation = provincials
Recruitment Objectives
'realistic' approach
Realistic about job, don't set unrealistic expectations
Employer branding
Creating brand around company, trying to attract people so you have
to think about it in same context
Define target audience : what type of person are you looking for,
understand them and what they're looking for
Develop employee value proposition: what can we offer them, how
we're unique compared to other employers, what will they get out of this
Communicate the brand: create perception with right people and
what we have to offer , right message
Ex. Canadian Army: intellectual strength, career, focused on future battles
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