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BU121 Lecture Notes - William Ury

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Week 9 - Negotiating
The One Minute Negotiator Model
What is a negotiation?
o … The ongoing process through which two or more parties, whose positions are not
necessarily consistent, work in an effort to reach an agreement.”
Do you need to know how to negotiate?
“Negotiaphobia” – disease of attitude and skill deficiency
o Many people see negotiations as act of combat or conflict
o Does not need to be a conflict
o Skill you need to work on
Three-Step EASY Treatment Process
o Assess the
situation, what
you/they are likely
to do
o Given tendencies,
what is most
effective strategy in
this situation
Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument
Late in the negotiation process after legitimate
strategies fully used
When only a small gap remains on one issue
Always directly tied to an agreement
Do not compromise (meet in the middle), as neither
side is happy not an effective strategy

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Negotiation Strategy Matrix
Reactive less effective than proactive, less assertive
more likely to sit back and react, more assertive will
be proactive
o Generally not effective
o Use with caution, not a way of building
o Setting yourself up to lose, opposition thinks they hold upper hand
o However, can use it to test relationship, if take advantage then no solid relationship
o An attitude; Don’t see relationship exist, take advantage
o Cooperate with opposition, ideal strategy
o Not natural, only 20% of pop collaborators
o Most effective
Key is that collaboration is a learnable skill
Negotiation Strategies
What really matters is how the other side sees you
o Have to know own tendency, see it from their perspective
o Gives you a sense on how they are going to try and act with you
o Affects how they negotiate with you
o “know yourself as others know you”
2 categories of collaborators:
o Sages: Natural collaborators, can see when to collaborate, more effective at doing it
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