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Laura Allan

BU121 Week 11 L ecture 2 Types of Unions Craft/Trade  Craft union is a organization who unites people who have the same skills (ex: electricians, plumbers) Power > Tactics > Strike characteristics  Power o Create monopoly over scarce resource o comes from strike, by uniting everyone around that skill they create a monopoly around it, can‟t replace skilled workers with anyone, create scarcity by limiting access to the trade  Tactics o U – withdraw, jobs at other sites, info picket o M – industry-wide lockout o in a strike they withdraw the skill, there in demand and so can get jobs elsewhere, puts management in a very bad position , management creates industry wide lockout (very rare) which prevents them from getting jobs elsewhere, but needs other management to cooperate  Strike Characteristics o Little violence, settled quickly o don‟t create violence, don‟t need to because they have the power (unions), and often they may work elsewhere Industrial  Power o Strength in numbers o their strength comes from getting everyone out, harder for management to replace and operate, so union makes it hard to replace them  Tactics o U – control physical access through picket o M – withstand strike o union reminds workers what happens if they go back to work (while there on strike), picket line is used for intimidation, that‟s why violence erupts. Managers replace them (subcontract, replacement workers), they have slightly more power  Strike Characteristics o Potential violence, can drag on Collective Bargaining Process Union Certification  Workers have to demonstrate they want a union  Voluntary recognition o up to management, can voluntarily recognize a union  Membership drive o Get employees to sign union cards  File application when have 40% of proposed bargaining unit  Bargaining unit = group of people they are going to bargain for (not necessarily union members), people covered by the contract they negotiate o actual certification process starts with this, best way for workers to demonstrate they want a union is to create a membership drive, want to demonstrate they have sufficient support o Evidence reviewed by OLRB  OLRB makes sure the signatures are valid, then it goes to a vote #signed union cards / # in bargaining unit o Representation vote  Representation vote: saying do you want them to represent you  Within 5 days of application  Management needs to be careful of undue influence o Can‟t TIC; facts but no promises or threats o Management can‟t threaten intimidate coerce (TIC) employees  must have 50% +1 of those who vote to be certified Contract Negotiations Issues  Form of Recognition / Union Security o Financial Security  Voluntary Check-off of Dues  written in the law in Ontario, once you have a union it is in place, management in Ontario is required to take the dues off members paycheck and it goes
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