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Lecture 19

BU121 Lecture 19: Collective Bargaining (labour relations pt. 2)

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Laura Allan

Collective Bargaining Union Certification Workers can be represented by a union if they want one they have a right – Your job is to make sure they don’t want one  Voluntary recognition o Works best with craft unions  Certification process – OLRB (industrial unions) 1. Membership drive o Get employees to sign union cards o File application when have at least 40% of proposed bargaining unit o # signed union cards / # in bargaining unit  Bargaining unit – group of employees that the union will be certified to represent *** 2. Evidence reviewed by OLRB 3. Representation vote o Vote to see if the group of workers wants to be represented by the union o Within 5 days of application o Management needs to be careful of undue influence  Can’t TIC; facts but no promises or threats  Threaten, Intimidate, Coherse - Must have 50% +1 of those who vote, in order to be certified o They are the exclusive bargaining agent once they are certified Contract Negotiations  Issues - Form of Recognition / Union Security Financial Security (Start, most secure) o Voluntary Check-off of Dues o Rand Formula / Agency Shop  Every worker in the bargaining unit, will have the dues taken off their paycheck  sent right back to the union Membership Security o Union Shop  Do not have to be a union member to get a job  After 30-60 days, you then have to join the union (once the negotiations have been settled) and you must stay a member o Closed Shop  Have to be a union member to be hired  Either hire union members already, or when you are hired, you become part of the union immediately - Duration & Renewal o Lots of potential issues o Minimum a year o You can adjust any terms during the period on the agreement o Can negotiate a lower amount if they agree o Cannot change the time of the agreement - Seniority - “super-seniority” o How long someone has worked there o Unions wants to reward seniority rather than effort o Workers are laid off in the order of seniority  newest members get laid off first o Super-Seniority: Bargaining to a contract to give
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