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Lecture 7

BU121 Lecture 7: Lecture 7 entreuprenuerial finance II

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Laura Allan

Lecture 6 th Feb.8 /17 Entrepreneurial finance II KEYS to using Contribution  What’s the issue?  What tool do you have that would help me make a decision? (WHY) o Look at the wording  What are the steps – process (WHAT) o What information do I need and how do I get it?  How do I interpret the answer/use it to make a decision? (HOW) o See if the numbers are realistic, look at breakeven and how to reduce Startup Financial Metrics (pg. 176 text)  For all startups: o Sales forecast, headcount, expenses (fixed + variable), breakeven cash flow  Unique metrics o Gross margin, inventory turns, occupancy, qualified leads (internet business) o Don’t want things to go obsolete o If you’re not looking at the qualified leads, only looking at views won’t help  Creation and capture of value o Customer acquisition costs (CAC) vs. lifetime customer value (LCV) o How much is the customer worth to me? And how much it to keep them? o Revenue per salesperson and time to revenue (how much am I paying them?) o Contribution margin o Monthly burn rate *importance of how you measure your business aside from the accounting side Forecasting Demand/ Sales Revenue  POTENTIAL  No formula  projections based on research and logic = educated guess so you can defend o Need to build trust for your investors to lend you the money  Market potential DOES NOT EQUAL sal
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