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Lecture 9

BU121 Lecture 9: lecture 9 negotiation skills

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Laura Allan

BU121 th Mar.8 2017 Negotiating Skills The one minute negotiator Model A negotiation is often an ongoing process through which two or more parties whose positions are not necessarily consistent, work in an effort to reach an agreement negotiaphobia disease of attitude and skill deficiency o Has to do with personality and skills of what to do o Many people see negotiations as act of combat or conflict o A skill you can and need to work on Assess your tendency Avoidance: 17 strong tendency NOT to use (may be underestimated) accommodation: 14 strong tendency NOT to use competition: 25 moderate tendency collaboration: 32 extremely strong tendency (likely overestimated) Threestep EASY treatment process ENGAGE: recognize you are in negotiation and quickly review the viable strategies ASSESS: evaluate your tendency to use each of the negotiation strategies, as well as the tendencies of the other side Pick the best one STRATEGIZE: select the proper strategy for this particular negotiation YOUR ONE MINUTE DRILL: each time you begin a negotiation situation, take a minute to review the 3 steps ThomasKilmann Conflict Mode Instrument this idea of compromising should be AFTER everything you have used late in the negotiation process after the legitimate strategies fully used when only a small gap remains on the issue always directly tied to an agreement
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