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Wilfrid Laurier University
Roopa Reddy

Labor Relations – Negotiating - Provincially regulated - Structure of the labor movement o Government is at the center o OLRB – Ontario labor relations board o OLRA – Ontario labor relations act o Regulate goals managements and unions must follow o Union is a tripartite  Management represents the interest of the companies or the owners  Government  Union aim to protect/represent employees o Every province has their own labour relations o CLC – Canada Labour Code – Federal document (comes into effect when companies have employees crossing Canadian boundaries (crossing provincial boundaries) - Union Structure o Middle – PARENT (let them be unless need help)  Main union  Set policies  Help with legal aid for local branches when needed  Manage Strike fund control – money that is paid to workers when on strike  Research  Collective bargaining when trying to reach agreements  Final authority – isn’t used unless they have to o The branches out of that are – LOCAL  Represented by a certain number  Where day to day things happen (most of the work)  Collective bargaining  Administering the actual contract  Dealing with grievances (complaints) o LABOUR CONGRESS  Lobby the government for more power  Help to promote unions and fight for union rights  Mediate disputes Power Struggle - Where unions get their power? Union Management -Threat of strike Being able to unite all of the -Power comes from being able to withstand the workers (increasing their power – being able to strike take all of the employees off the job) -Stockpiling of inventory (planning to have -timing – because more threatening during a enough inventory to continue operating for a specific time (e.g. for teacher the best time is awhile without having to completely shut down if the start of a term) employees are on strike) – not a cheap option -ability to carry it out –relates to the strike fund -Subcontracting – hiring another company to (so they can support and carry through on their produce your goods (reduces profit margin- but threat to strike) you are doing it so you don’t lose your customers) -Skeleton Staff – using your management team to fill the roles and get the job done (using a smaller staff to do everything) -Strike Breakers – ignoring the union and working -Scabs – people covered by the union but still choosing to cross the picket line and work -Replacement Workers people who are not current employers – outside workers to help continue operations -Strike Insurance – covers the risk (some expenses are covered by insurance) insurance helps to cover costs -Industry-wide lockout management is coming together with other organizations and we are not going to let our employees work for us (through an entire industry) (different companies are coming together) -Employer Association Bargaining – the employer would try to get together with other companies to form an association to bargain (different companies are coming together to bargain a fair contract for both sides). Types of Unions Craft/Trade Industrial -United based on the same skill of trade e.g. electrician, plumber, etc. -doesn’t matter which company of specific industry you are in (united through your skill) -power comes from the control over that 1 skill -hard to replace highly skilled workers -all joined together and hard to replace POWER POWER -try to create a monopoly over apprentices -comes from the strength in numbers (control the number of electricians and supply of -united by a company or industry (you’re working that specific trade) (they control/have power of but it doesn’t mean you are highly skilled) apprenticeships) -these employees are highly replaced TACTICS TACTICS -you can find a job at another on the side while on-try to control physical access to the site strike with an employer (they have more power -strikers who picket block management or possible than management in this situation because scabs employers are finding other work and have lots of -Management can withstand the strike time to strike)
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