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Lecture 3

BU121 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Microsoft Powerpoint


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Laura Allan

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Lecture Three – Wednesday, January 13th,
PepsiCo is a very large company PepsiCo, Frito Lay, Tropicana, Quaker,
oTwo divisions – food, and drink
o22 brands that generate over a billion dollars per year in revenue.
o40 brands that generate quarter of a billion dollars
oPrepare you for the Individual Pitch assignment
In labs in the week of February 1st
oImprove your individual presentation skills
oSet you up for success in the ‘real world’ because …
 !"#$
You are ‘pitching’ your business to investors because you need their money
oWhen you’re pitching to investors, it doesn’t start
end with this
elevator ride.
oThere is a fairly long courting process.
The pitching format you use depends on what stage of the investors-courting
process you are at.
 %&
( )
,& 
Informal pre-
Part of request to
formally present
presentation –
Heavily scrutinized
during due
The initial meeting is important – you want them o
to talk to you!
The executive summary is very important – you summarize your report.
oTry and write it after you write your actual report.
oThese summaries are for executives that have a lot of things to do.
 
 ) '& -)'&./
  0

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10 slides, 20 minutes, 30 point font
*! *
Before you can capture people’s funding you have to capture their trust. And
before you can capture their trust you have to capture their attention. That is the
art of the pitch.”
 $ 
The opening and closing are absolutely critical
You want your pitch to be polished
Have a connection with your audience
The +'$ of an elevator pitch for investor funding.
What are the pains and gains that the products are addressing?
 $ 
oYou must demonstrate the
the product will address the
you are trying to ;ll.
 $ 
oYou must demonstrate the
value proposition
how your product solves the pain and is unique and
valuable to customers.
8#9:8" #9;
oYou must demonstrate why the idea is worth the investor taking more
time to listen
How do you plan to make money – what is your
revenue model
How much funding are you looking for and
what will you give up
in exchange – don’t forget
the ‘ask’
You need to pique their interest, and tell them what you want
from them.
You have to have a reason for them to respond to you.
At this moment, you don’t know how much you need, and
what percentage you’re o<ering.
These elements must be presented ' ) '
oA logical structure is essential
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