BU121 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Nordstrom, Hamburger Helper, Mother Teresa

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21 Jan 2016

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BU121 – Lecture 6 – Communicating Successfully for Business
What sticks?
Sticky = understandable, memorable, and effective in changing thought or behaviour
oUrban legends – very effective in changing behaviour
Are ideas born interesting or made interesting?
oCSPI did study on movie and popcorn
Interesting but not sensational, truthful but not mind-blowing, and
important but not life or death
Six Principles of Stickiness
Curse of knowledge – it is harder for people that understand something to explain it to other
that do not as you do not know what the other person is understanding!
Simple = core + compact
oFind the core of the message
Commander’s intent – ex plans change but know to adapt to accomplish
the main goal
Matter of forced prioritization
Don’t bury the lead
oCommunicate the core compactly
Use proverbs
Use existing schema – use what the person already knows
Use analogies
Use generative metaphors
oGet audience to pay attention
oNeed surprise and interest
Violate expectations
Be counterintuitive – uncommon sense
Generate interest and curiosity
Open gaps in knowledge
oGive context – ex sports channels weren’t interesting but
then they started filming the back story of the people at the
game rather than just the game
oMake ideas clear – understand and remember
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