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Shelley Mc Gill

Interpretation Case examplesBurrito not a sandwhich judge rules o About 90 breach center on what do the words mean o Difference of opinion about what they mean o Mistake in the meaningOnly if cant decide on meaning o Court wants to uphold a contract o Try and uphold the contract whenever we can o What is the most reasonable meaning o Set of rules that allow us to pick a meaning o In this case exclusivity clause o Get landlord to promise not to rent to anyone else that does what I doIs burrito a sandwichJudge rules it is notBeyond legal expertiseNoncompete not violated and therefore restaurant can stayFight looms over OHIP o McGinty origninally said to taxes o During the first term found that OHIP broke o First had to pay premiumThen took it back o Introduced tax on employers payrollThen took that away o Then brought it back and called it a premiumDidnt violate no tax ruleCalled it a premium insteadAbout 90 dollars o Nursing home had 10 year contract that said pay for premiumUsed to be 10 dollarsUsed the same wordNow have to pay 90 dollarsUnion argue have to pay this 90 dollarsManagement argued it was a different meaning for premiumUnion winsYou left the agreement in the clause long past the original premium What does the contract mean
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