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Lecture 4

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Simon Taggar

Groups and Teams:  after industrial did manufacturing really well until about 1980  Japanese seemed to do everything better  used a lot of teams and groups, have a collectivism mentality  ability to subordinate to interest of group  like in group and out group, companies invest in them  most senior person in my team, couldn’t get promoted until other people in my team knew my job  then could progress out of my team  looked at them, and tried to replicate it  what do teams do for us? o like the idea of different people coming together and being creative o easier to communicate things to one big team o customers had complex needs and desires, high customer service, come as team (financial advisor, accounting person, tax person, etc.) o every time there’s a handoff, communication goes from multiple people there is an opportunity of miscommunication/information to be lost o team increases speed of production o parallel development vs. serial development o working alone may make more mistakes/not see mistakes o can encourage/motivate each other o great for vicarious learning  all done together, all experts sit together and hash it out  those closest to customer demands have the authority to meet those demands  enhances organization’s learning and improves employees loyalty  need team based rewards if using tea
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