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Amy Christie

110188330 January-23-13 Sarah Neeb BU288 B1 The Order Of Things – Malcolm Gladwell (1) What implications does Gladwell’s analysis have for evaluated/appraising employees’ performance in organizations ? If an organization were to read this article after creating an appraisal system in the workplace they may feel that their system is inadequate. It implies that there is really no correct way to use set conditions to measure different variables. One thing an organization could take away from the article would be to create different surveys for different positions and rankings in the company. This would help eliminate such vast difference between the subjects that are being measured. It should show companies that when making important decisions particularly regarding hiring and firing that these results should only be taken lightly and the whole picture should be considered. As well the categories that are being measured should be updated regularly to keep up with the changes in the company and difference in value it places on each. (2) Describe the obst
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