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Wilfrid Laurier University
Grant Packard

Case Analysis Framework Foundation Problem/Opportunity: Take over Cape Cods lease - Extremely Time sensitive due to valuable real estate - On other hand fact that lease is so low plus over saturation of restaurants in immediate vicinity raise question of actual time sensitivity - How to establish competitive advantage? Service, Decor and Food Quality all necessities - How to Advertise competitive advantage and through which medium - Increase seat turnover - Menu items take too long to prepare Stakeholders: Joshua Mathew Needs: Keep up with new restaurant trends/adapt to changing consumer preferences Interests: Open new restaurant and strengthen image Objectives: Make profit, strengthen entrepreneurial image Landlord Needs: Tenant Interests: Leasing property as quickly as possible objectives: make profit Sheila Bruyn Needs: Interests: Profitability of company objectives: maintain open and trusting relationship with JM Decision Criteria: - Market Share available - Saturation of market (Niche?) - Afford to compete on differentiation, innovation, price? - Establish Objectives (mission and vision) must be aligned with marketing strategy - Not dilute Mathews credibility in industry - Must make sure critics are impressed -> directly tied to company success - Must make sure atmosphere is not drastically different than Lynx and Karma, will lose return customers (70%
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