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Chapter 6: Recruitment The Strategic Importance of Recruitment - Quality of an organisation’s HRs begins with a strategic perspective in management of recruitment Recruitment - the process of searching out and attracting qualified job applicants Recruiter - specialist in recruitment, whose job it is to find and attract capable candidates Employer Branding - the image or impression of an organization as an employer based on the benefits of being employed by the organization - Employer branding has 3 steps:  Step 1: Define the Target Audience  Step 2: Develop Employee Value Proposition - Specific reasons why the organization is a unique place to work  Step 3: Communicate Brand by Incorporating the Value Proposition into all Recruiting Efforts - Reinforce to current and potential employees of promises in employee value proposition and the organization’s ability to deliver The Recruitment Process 1. Identify Job Openings - Through HR planning and strategic planning, 2. Specify Job Requirements - reviewing the job description/job specification and updating them if necessary 3. Select Methods of Recruitment - whether to start with internal/external recruiting 4. Generate Pool of Qualified Applicants - employment equity/diversity goals Internal Recruitment 1. Job Posting - process of notifying current employees about vacant positions 2. Human Resources Records - Use human resources records to ensure qualified individuals are notified in person of vacant positions 3. Skills Inventories - Inventories of employees skills to ensure qualified internal candidates are identified and considered for transfer or promotion when opportunities arise Limitations of Recruiting from Within: - Rarely possible to fill all non-entry level jobs with current employees  Internal replacements may not be qualified or ready for promotion  May require specialized skills and training - External Recruits may bring fresh ideas, latest knowledge etc External Recruitment Yield Ratio - the percentage of applicants that proceed to the next stage of the selection process Time-Lapse Data - the average number of days from when the company initiates a recruitment method to when the successful candidate begins to work External Recruitment Methods 1. Online Recruiting  Internet Job Boards  Corporate Websites 2. Social Networking Sites 3. Print Advertising  2 general types of newspaper advertisements: - Want Ad: a recruitment ad describing the job and its specifications, the compensation package, and the hiring employer. - Blind Ad: A recruitment ad in which the identity and address of the employer are omitted, everything else is the same as the want ad 4. Private Employment Agencies  employers who need assistance when seeking clerical staff, functional specialists, and technical employees 5. Executive Search Firms  search firms
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