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Chapter 8: Orientation and Training Orienting Employees

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Shawn Komar

Chapter 8 Orientation and TrainingChapter 8 Orientation and TrainingOrienting EmployeesPurpose of Orientation Programsemployee orientation provides new employees with basic background information about their employer and specific information that they need to perform their jobs satisfactorysocialization the on going process of instilling in all employees the prevailing attitudes standards values and patterns of behavior that are expected by the organizationContent of Orientation Programs handbook with general information with disclaimer tour of the facilitiesintroductions to supervisors explanations of procedures duties and responsibilities summary of training when and whyResponsibility for OrientationHR specialist will talk general information then introduce and sometimes be paired with a buddySpecial orientation SituationsDiverse Workforceintroducing new employees into a non diverse workforce has special problems In particular they should know which reactions are prohibited under human rights legislationMergers and Acquisitionsresocialization process which allows organization to emphasize the new organizational values and beliefsUnion versus Nonunion employeeswhich jobs are unionized and which arent and who is in charged with the unionMultiLocation Organizationsbecome aware of where the other locations areProblems with Orientation Programsthere is usally too much information in a short period of time and the employee is overwhelmed They get bored of filling out forms or even sometimes no orientation is givenEvaluation of Orientation ProgramsThere are three approaches to evaluation orientation programs1 employee reaction interviewsurvey their opinion on the the orientation2 socialization effects review new employees at regular intervals to push beliefs values and norms 3 costbenefit analysis costs versus reduction of errors productivity efficiency and so onExecutive Integrationtake up to 18 months to be integrated As well executives are usually change agents and face considerable resistance It takes months before they figure out who things are doneKey aspects of the integration process include identification position specifications providing realistic infomration to job candidates and providing support regarding reality shock candidates previous record announcing hiring with enthusiasmThe Training Processtraining teaching employees the basic skills that they need to perform their jobs It improves problem solving communications and teamwork as well as commitmentany company with 250000 payroll must spend 1 in trainingTraining and Learningtraining is essentially a learning process and its good to know how people learn auditory visual kinesthetic experience
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