Chapter 8 Orientation and Training Taken from the book, pretty detailed, see for yourself =)

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16 Oct 2011

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Chapter 8 Notes
Orienting Employees
Before and after hiring
Long term results: reduced turnover, increased morale, fewer instances of
corrective disciplines, fewer employee grievances
Purpose of Orientation Programs
Employee Orientation: procedure for providing new employees with basic
background info about the firm and job
Get them to know the company, people, culture etc.
Socialization: ongoing process of instilling in all employees the prevailing
attitudes, standards, values, and patterns of behaviour that are expected by
the org.
Strong onboarding = get up to speed faster
Effective orientation reduces Reality Shock – state that results from the
discrepancy between what the new employee expects from their new job and
the realities of it
Some may use on-going orientations – from hired to actually start work
Online onboarding using videos and graphics before the first day on the job –
speeds things up
Content of Orientation Programs
Handbook – company info, employee entitlements, code of conduct
Tour – tour of premise and coworkers
Job – introduce them the job procedures, duties, and responsibilities
Summary of training – when and why
Performance Appraisal criteria – how you will be evaluated and how
long to get up to speed
Disclaimers should be used in handbooks that says the things in the
handbook are not the terms and conditions of employment contract
Responsibility of Orientation
Starts with explanation of work hours and vacation
Introduce to supervisors and coworkers
Introduce job
May assign buddy
HR specialist should follow-up
Special Orientation Situations
Diverse Workforce
If workforce not already diverse, should warn there may be different
Give tips on how and when to report such issues
Mergers and Acquisitions
New hires need to know about the M&A
Chance for new company culture to evolve and be emphasized
Union vs. Non-Union Employees
Give collective agreement
Introduce to union steward and explain union procedures and details
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Which jobs are unionized which jobs are not
Multi-Location Organizations
Introduce them to the different areas and what the area does
Problems with Orientation Programs
Too much info - overwhelmed
Little or no orientation – don’t know what is expected of them
Info too broad
Info too detailed
Evaluation of Orientation Programs
Based on how timely, useful, and cost effective orientation is
Three approaches:
1. Employee reaction:
How useful does the employee perceive it to be
2. Socialization effects:
How well are they adjusting and understanding the values, and beliefs
of the org
Cost/benefit analysis:
Compare orientation cost (printing, time, effort) to benefits (reduction
in error, productivity, efficiency level etc.)
Executive Integration
Often times there is little to no formal orientation for executives
Thinks that they are professionals, they should know what to do
Full exec integration can take up to 18 months
Even worse because often times execs are brought in a tough times
Key aspects of integration process:
Identify position specs
Provide realistic info and support
Assess previous record at making transition
Announce hire with enthusiasm
Promote talking to the boss
Assist execs who are implementing change when they are change
Training Process
Process of teaching employees the basic skills/competencies that they need
to perform their jobs
Training = skills and competencies
Development = training of a long term nature – prepare for future jobs
Trainer should understand strategy of business
Treat training as strategic investment in human capital
Training increases employee commitment – give the idea to the employee we
have faith in them
Training and Learning
Training is learning – understand how the person learns and cater to it
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