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Chapter 7 Selection Notes Taken directly from the book, pretty detailed. See for yourself =)

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Chet Robie

SelectionSelection the process of choosing among individuals who have been recruited to fill existing or projected job openings Selection begins when a pool of applicants has submitted their resumes or appsSuccessful candidates must fit the strategic direction of the orgthey will be the ones implementing the plansstrategies of the companyWhen a poor selection is made there was wasted money in rehiring Ineffective selection can lead to legal implicationsEnsure employment systems are bias free Suggested guidelines for avoiding negative legal consequencesEnsuring that all selection criteria are based on job descriptions and specificationAdequately assessing applicants ability to meet performance standards Scrutinize all info supplied on apps Obtain written authorization for reference checkingSaving all records and info obtained about applicants during selectionRejecting applicants who make false statements Supply ChallengeEmerging labour shortagesmall selection ratioSelection rationumber of applicants hiredtotal number of applicantsLow ratio may mean low quality recruits because choosing from a small pool that may not really qualify for the jobSelection ProcessMultiple Hurdle Strategy approach to selection involving a series of successive steps or hurdles Those who clear the hurdle are permitted to move onHurdles can be prescreening interviews background checksetcNumber of steps vary with the position being filled and varied amongst organizationsThose who are hired being selected on objective requirements based on job descriptions learn their jobs readily more productive and adjust to their jobs with minimal difficulty Step 1 Preliminary Applicant ScreeningLook for people who meet essential selection criteriaUse of tech to generate list of qualified peopleStep 2 Selection TestingImportance of Reliability and ValidityReliabilityDegree to which interviews tests and other procedures yield comparable data over timeShould yield results that can be used and dependedAgreement between two or more raters interrater reliabilityInternal consistency the degree to which responses to the questions vary together would be statistically analyzed
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