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bu385 Chapter 1- Intro

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David Wheatley

B385 Op MgmtChapter 1 Intro to Operations Management OPM Operations mgmt the mgmt of processes or systems that create goods andor provide servicesProcess series of linked actions changes or functions bringing about a resulto The three types core support and managerialo Coreoperational processes directly create goodsservices support processes support core processes and managerial processes govern the systemOperations mgmt includes productivity quality ecommerce global competition supply chain mgmt and customer serviceforecasting capacity planning scheduling managing inventories assuring quality employee motivation and training location of facilities buying materialsExample for an airline 1 Core processreservations boarding and flying the planes handling luggage maintenance 2 Support processesforecasting scheduling managing inventories quality buying material 3 Managerial processescapacity planning locating facilities employee motivationThere are differences and similarities between service operations and producers of goodsEfficiency operating at minimum cost and timeEffectiveness achieving quality and responsiveness OPM is important because a largeof company expenses occur in operations such as buying materials and workforce salariesefficiency can mean profitsOPM important since many mgmt jobs are in operations Moreover activities in all other areas of business organizations finance HR etc are interrelated with OPM activitiesFUNCTIONS WITHIN ORGANIZATIONSOrganizations are formed to pursue goals that are achieved more efficientlyeffectively by the concerted efforts of a group vs working alone Although organizations goals products and services may differ their functions and the way they operate are similarTypical organization has 3 functions that interact to achieve goals operations marketing financeThese functions must work togetherif operations and marketing dont work together marketing may promote goods that operations cannot deliver for example Operationsperforms all activities directly related to producing goodsservicesex fabricationassembly operations because they are both goods oriented and health care is service orientedcore of most organizations inputs are used to obtain finished goodsservices using transformationconversion processes storing transporting cuttingTo ensure desired outputs measurements are taken at various points feedback and compared with previously established standards to determine whether corrective action control is needed Goods and services often occur jointly ex having oil changed in your carservice but oilgood 1Natasha Park
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