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Lecture 3

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Rosemary Mc Gowan

LECTURE 3 ORGANIZATION DESIGN AND EFFECTIVENESS Chapter TwoHow Strategies Affect Organizational DesignThe emphasis placed on efficiency and control versus learning and flexibility is determined by the contingencies of strategy environment technology size and lifecycle and organizational cultureAssessing Operational EffectivenessOrganizational goals represent the reason for an organizations existence and the outcomes it seeks to achieveorganizational effectiveness is the degree to which organization realizes its goals board conceptefficiency is a limited concept measured as the ratio of inputs to outputsContingency Effectiveness ApproachesOrganizations bring resources in from the environment and these resources are transformed into outputs delivered back into the environment goal approach to organizational effectiveness is concerned with the output side and whether the organization achieves its goals in terms of desired levels of output resourcebased approach assesses effectiveness by observing the beginning of the process and evaluating whether the organization effectively obtains resources necessary for high performance internalprocess approach looks at the internal activities and assesses effectiveness by indicators of internal heal and efficiency ResourceBased Approachfrom resourcebased perspective organizational effectiveness is defined as th
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