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Lecture 7

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Rosemary Mc Gowan

LECTURE 7 THE EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT Chapter FourThe Environmental Domainorganizational environment defined as all elements that exist outside the boundary of the organization that have the potential to affect all or part of the organizationPaul Shrivastava Organizational studies use denatured narrow and parochial concepts of organizational environment the present time when environmental crises proliferate around the world naturecentred organizational theories are particularly importantdomain chosen field of action it is the territory an organization stakes out for itself for its products services and markets served Defines the organizations niche and defines those external sectors with which the organization will interact to accomplish its goalssector subdivision external environment that contain similar elementssector analyzed for organization industry raw materials human resources financial resources market technology economic conditions government sociocultural and internationalfurther divided into task environment and general environment Task Environmentincludes sectors with which organization interacts directly and those have a direct impact on the organizations ability to achieve its goals includes industry raw materials and market sectors human resources and international sectors General Environmentincludes those sectors might
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