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Tabatha Dominguez

1 According to your textbook a general manager would have two options related to the starting point for action Please define and describe these two options Please identify two tradesoffs that a GM would have to make in deciding one option versus the otherReadiness Driven Change leader will wait until everyone understands the need for change This takes time but also helps to increase acceptance o Conventional approach is determined by commitment and capability you prepare the priority targets for change by creating sense of urgency developing skills and commitment to the required changes and than go through the structural or process changes to change the behaviourResult Driven Change change still be applied even if people are ready for it or not This allows for change to happen quickly but it may upset employees They may react in a passive uninvolved aggressive manner increase turnover or sabotage damage the change effortso set of specific and measurable results are required and people are responsible for producing themo does not ignore obvious need for other organizational and readiness changes but develop them as necessary in process that work primarily to support resultso keeps attention focused on bottom line but forcing change and higher performance standards on people who are not ready for it You will modify your starting points for action to the target in questions and to the starting conditions from which you are workingEx HR Sewing Company cannot afford to lose any of their specialized technicians so they must use the readiness driven change approach 1 Readiness driven change This approach involves creating a sense of urgency then developing skills and commitment from everyone involved in the organization This systemic approach to changing behaviours is appropriate if the organization is in the earlier half of the crisis curve Conventional approachFocuses on commitment and capability Once people are ready to change you changeStart by preparing priority targets for change by creating a sense of urgency develop skills and commitment required and move logically through the structural or process changes designed to change behaviour systematic approachOpposite of results driven changePros Systemic approach ensures that the organization is ready for the changes to be made as required behaviours and capabilities are developed first Can mean that there are fewer resistors to deal with o People are ready to change when change happensdont lose a lot of peopleCons Can be very slow moving Can have a limited impact on the businesss bottom line reduced resistance Resultsdriven change This approach involves defining a set of performance targets and making people responsible for meeting them Organizational and readiness changes are made only as necessarySpecify precise and measurable results make individuals responsible for achieving the resultDoesnt ignore the need for other organizational and readiness changes but develops them as necessaryprocess primarily works to support the results Pros Can achieve results quickly Keeps attention focused on the bottom line which is very important in the latter half of the crisis curve Saves time
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