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CC210 Lecture Notes - Rape Myth, Impulsivity, Pedophilia

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Jennifer Lavoie

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Psychology of crime
September 14th, 2012
Week 1, Friday.
Slide 1: Title
Slide 2: Anti social behaviour vs. Crim. Behaviour
What is crim behaviour? A political construct.
Behaviours are not inherently evil or criminal, we have a body of politicians that make the acts
criminal/bad by placing them in the criminal code.
May not offend all members of society. Pot smoking, victimless crimes (eg. Graffiti)
May include behaviour that is adaptive or rational. Eg. Looting after disasters. Some criminal
behaviour is adaptive. Eg. Selling drugs can be a way to make money, in a bad situation.
Slide 3: Looting after hurricane katrina, earthquake in Chile. Necessity defence. Needed to break the
law to survive.
Slide 4: Some people take it too far, looting jerseys and nike shoes after katrina.
Slide 5:Intentional behaviour, taht violates a criminal code. Did not occur accidentally, or without
justification or excuse (e.g necessity or duress). It is legally defined.
Slide 6: 18% of crime in canada is violent. 2010- 2.2 Million offences were reported in provinces and
territories in Canada. Crime is usually property crime.
Slide 7:Antisocial Behaviour.
Means against society. (what does antisocial behaviour) against many types of people, concepts. Starts
out when younger usually, and sticks around the rest of their life. Habitual, tends to escalate. Engages
in serious behaviour when older. Always harmful to the victims.
asocial behaviour- not wanting to be around other people.
Refers to (often habitual and serious) behaviour that is harmful to victims, the perpetrator and society.
Maladaptive to perpetrator (lose out every time they engage in this behaviour), costly, detrimental to
violates personal rights of victim, social standards
may not violate criminal laws (e.g bullying, gossip)
Some types of antisocial behaviour does not hurt, women talking malicious gossip. Men tend to be
more physical.
Slide 8: Anatomy of a theory: what are theories of crime?
Slide 9: What is a theory? A set of concepts that are inter related concepts, assertions, and conclusions
that present a systematic view of phenomena by specifying relations among variables with the aim of
explaining/predicting phenomena
Exp: theory of basic self preservation- may explain why people behave violently when they experience
threatening delusions.
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