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CC210 Lecture Notes - Erotomania, Louis Wain, Suicidal Ideation

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Jennifer Lavoie

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November 7, 2012
Week 9, Wednesday
exam: any readings from week 5- up until the end of last class- november 3rd?
Low fear hyptothesis of psychopathy
David Lykken
Psychopathy is rooted in a lack of fear or anxiety as a result of abnormally low autonomic nervous
system functioning
Fearlessness results in an inability to respond to and learn from the consequences of punishment.
Anxiety/discomfort deterrent to anti-social impulses
Psychopaths have learning deficits in avoidance learning.
Why are psychopaths seen as untreatable?
Emotional detachment
Impact on therapeutic alliance
Interpersonal features- obstacles to key treatment approaches
E.g insincere, grandiose, manipulative traits impacts treatment using self exploration, cognitive
Learning deficits- Low anxiety
therapeutic communities:
A non conventional approach to group therapy
A democratic style of staff-patient interaction
Intensive (approx 80 hours a week)
active participation of patients in own treatment
Increased responsibility in day to day running of hospital community.
General assumption:
improves psychological functioning
Living and lerning environment will encourage more open expression of feeling
Learn to better interact with people socially, understand appropriate interpersonal interaction
Failed Modality:
Psychopaths learned to become better manipulators by understanding how others think feel and
Major studies:
The penetanguishene study:
treatment makes psychopaths worse
saskatoon study:
improve less during treatment
English prison service study
Offenders with factor 1 traits get worse when you give them treatment
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