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CC210 Lecture Notes - Borderline Personality Disorder, Impulsivity, Cluster B Personality Disorders

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Jennifer Lavoie

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Week 10
November 16, 2012
can use summary- build on it.
Don't have to stay with the same person we wrote our summary on
-CSC operates five regional treatment centres (RTC's)
-no independant psychiatric facility for females.
Total of 675 beds
Getting treatment:
Responsibility of MHP's assigned to regular institutions to recommend offenders for admission to RTC
Admission criteria:
Acute psychiatric illness, e.g psychosis
Chronic mental illness
Cognitive, cerebral deficits
In crisis e.g suicidal, chronic self harm
Treatment reserved for the most serious cases:
Other MH problems receive limited clinical attention
Insufficient capacity to treat all MDOs
Lack of services for female offenders
Crisis management rather than prevention:
revolving door syndrome
Stabilize MDO's
Released too soon from RTC's, quickly in crisis again.
Use of force to control MDOs
Disconnect between order/security and providing meaningful MH treatment
What is stalking?
An old behaviour, but a new crime
First anti stalking law: California 1990
no stalking law in canada
Charge in canada is harassment
Criminal Harassment:
s. 264
Four interrelated behaviours
Repeatedly follow another person from place to place
repeatedly communicate with directly, indirectly, the other person
Beset or watch a place where the other person is living or working
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