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Lecture 3

CH110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Ph Meter, Lab Report, Lowkey

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Louise Dawe

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How to write a lab report?
- Past tense
- 12-point font
- single spaced
- own words
- no shared tables or graphs
- hand in before 5pm on your lab day
Title Page
Top left hand corner:
- Name
- Student number
- Date conducted
- Date submitted
- Partner’s name
- Lab section
- IAs Name
1) The Purpose
a. in your own words (cant copy the lab manual)
b. no first person
c. explain if something will or will make make another effective
2) The Experimental Design or Method
a. Include the names of equipment and how much of what
b. __ were mixed using a _ to create 3 solutions to
c. the ph meter was used to test ph
d. the hydrochloric acid was used to change the __
3) The Major Finding
a. Numbers/data
b. Be specific -> don’t say the rate was high -> include the values
4) The Conclusion
a. Brief summary of what happened
b. Clearly state the implications of the answers your results gave you and whether
or not the method was effective in addressing the purpose
c. Whether the results gave you what you were expecting or not expecting
d. The ph meter was effective in measuring the ph
e. The dilute buffers were not effective
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