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33 The Electron Configurations and The Periodic TableBy the mid1920s it was clear that the Bohr model of the atom could not be made to work An entirely new model was needed and three physicists are credited with laying the foundations for this work Louis de Broglie Werner Heisenberg and Erwin Schdinger Their approach became known as wave mechanics or quantum mechanics and is still the most widely accepted model of the atom todayQuantum mechanics is a theory of atomic structure based on wave properties of elements It is a theoretical branch of physics that deals with atomic and subatomic matterTo visualize a particle as a wave it helps to consider that an electrons location can only be specified as a statistical probabilityHeisenbergs Uncertainity Prinicple states that it is impossible to simultaneously known the exact position and speed of a particle because by determining a particles location we alter its speed These experiments are done by sending out photons to collide with particles The photons collide with the particle changing both its location and speedBasically if you know where a particle is you cannot know where it is going Due to the interaction of photons of light with electrons at the instant the photon makes contact and identifies where the electron is the electron is excited sent to a place unknownA moment of science humourHeisenberg is speeding down the highway when he sees flashing lights a cop is pulling him over The officer gets out walks over and leans toward Heisenbergs windowDo you have any idea how fast you were going sirNo says Heisenberg but I can tell you where I am
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