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Lecture 7

CL101 Lecture 7: WarsPremium

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Classical Studies
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Nirmal Dass

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City of 20,000 people
Ionia are cities which are not part of the Greek world, they belong to the
Persian empire, known as the Achaemenid Empire
Achaemedid Empire
Because of its size the Persian empire is the largest empire the world has
ever known
Ionia cities politically belong to persia but the rest of Greece does not
The cities are allowed to exist the way they want, it is self governing.
Persian desire to look past the Mediterranean and go into Europe proper
Many Greeks in the Persian court
When the Persians are moving westward they are not simply bringing what
they think the Greek world want and need
There are Spartans here too
In ionia the Persians rule
Miletus (Ionian city )decides it wants to be independent and does not want to be
part of Persia anymore (499BC)
Athens joins Miletus
This revolt is short lives, they defeat the miletians and Athenians (494)
They all accept the terms of the Persians, they are good lenient terms
o The cities become mini democracies and reflect what Athens is doing
as long as they keep paying taxes
The greeks are tired of paying taxes and want to control their own money,
they no longer want to pay the Persians
Persian Wars
Two that the greeks fought
First Persian war 490 BC
o Legend of Marathon
o 40,000 persians fighting against the Athens
o Athenians have had discussions with Sparta to have them fight with
o Spartans do not fight with Athens (due to religios festivals)
o Fragmentations, between the Athenians and Spartans begin and when
the Greek world becomes divided.
o Power politics are being played out which contributes the later
o Not simple the Greeks against the Persians, Persians against the
Athenians and their allies not all of Greece
Persians invade are lead by King Darius I
o Conquer most parts of Northern Greece
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