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Communication Studies
Ghislain Thibault

Week 8 Friday, November 2, 12 McLuhan question on final exam is false, he does everything but mass media he is more about print, orality, etc. Visual Culture: Photography and film - see the rise in the mass in need to leisure and money, system gave them that bit of money - How photography and film participated in creating culture that leads towards the rise celebrity and celebrity culture - Secondary Orality: these media after print culture that were speech based o Telephone, telegraph to a certain degree, television and radio. - McLuhan: “are we moving back to the acoustic state?” Alongside electric media, the 19th century will witness the rise of: Three new writing systems - photograph → writes the light - Phonograph → writes the sound - Cinematograph → writes the movement → motion pictures Photograph: - 1839: First commercial photographic system *(called the Daguerreotype) - Photography on paper made it possible to reproduce images mechanically - Photographs were slow to be featured regularly in newspapers - Photograph is an extension of you in time. The rise of photojournalism - Ulrich Keller To phographs Three constitutive elements: 1. Halftone pictures – - Techno
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