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Lecture 4

CS100 Lecture 4: ML 100 week 3 lecture 4

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Communication Studies
Jonathan Finn

ML 100 week 3 lecture 4 The byzantine world th Byzantium in the 5 century 1. Justinian, 482 565 Trained to run the empire Born to the throne Understood the machinery of government Understood law and theology Had a shit marriage 2. Theodora, 500 548 From a circus family Procopius (detractor of Theodora) A. Secret history 3. Religious dissension A. Monophysite (there was nothing human after Jesus was resurrected) (considered heresy) B. Council of chalcedon, 451 The nika riots 1. Occurred in 532 2. Blue and green factions Role of religious division in the city (racing teams and gangs) 3. Imposition of harsh taxes 4. Rise of imperial authority Destruction of traditional powers of the aristocracy and urban population Blues and greens rioted together and destroyed the city Theodora told the emperor not to run She understood the lowerclass people and how to handle them 30,000 people killed in the reprisal effort to send a message Post riots Justinian takes this opportunity to centralize his powers Gains Christian backing through church and state relationship Rebuilding Constantinople 1. The hagia Sophia Anthemius of tralles and isidore of miletus (architects of the building) 2. Creating the shape of the city Built inside the walls built by Theodosius 2 (450) A. Hippodrome B. Municipal services Law reforms the Justinian code 1. The twelve tables Hadrians reforms
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