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Lecture 5

CS100 Lecture 5: CS 100 week 6 lecture 5

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Communication Studies
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Jonathan Finn

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CS 100 week 6 lecture 5 Robert Logans writing and the alphabet effect At first writing and mathematical notation were used to store the verbal or mathematical utterances of spoken language. As their use expanded however. Literature and mathematics emerged as languages in themselves, with their own peculiar techniques for processing, retrieving and organizing information quite distinct from that of speech Math and the written word as separate mode of thought from spoken word Literacies Reading and writing oral address texting computer internet identity, understand, create, interpret = full literacy? EU pre print: scriptorium Books had 3 people involved Scribe, author, artist Knowledge was closely guarded Eisenstein: age of scriptorium Books as an internal entity, without guidance to provenance Knowledge as a prerequisite Known via a half oral half literate culture that has no precise counterpart today Harold innis New communication technologies alter What is thought about What s thought with Where thoughts develop Postman we may say, then , that the intellectual condition of Europe in the mid 15 century made the printing press necessary (25) Social conditions pre press Alphabetic writing system manuscript tradtion paper manufacturing literate scribes revival of classical culture
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