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Lecture 6

CS100 Lecture 6: Cs 100 week 7 lecture 6

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Communication Studies
Jonathan Finn

Cs 100 week 7 lecture 6 Distribution Tacking things up on the walls Book peddlers would pick up books in the city and sell them to small villages Socrates said that word is written down a dies on the page Lay bible reading printed texts could standardize church practices and improve them; or they could reveal, to literates at least, the gap between official doctrine and clerical practice Council of Trent: 1546 Conservative backlash against printed bibles Colonial north America 1630: first printing press in North America: daye press In Cambridge MA Pre print info networks The church church body The king telling people in a pyramid scheme Banking networkings Networked communication: postal service First postal service: louis XI in France 1464 15 to 17 centuries: partial postal services proliferate 17 to 18 centuries: individual services link up for common carrier service Early newssheets Early 1600s German and Dutch cities cologne, Frankfurt, Antwerp, berlin postmasters reports corantos early daily newspapers foreign news only 1586 1640 sense of world events which lay beyond the indidviuals intermediate milieu UK: Daily courant 1702, followed by many other dailies Distribution: Hawkers, news agents, coffee houses, taverns Taken to provinces by stagecoach and postal services
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