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Lecture 5

CS100 Lecture 5: CS 100 - Week 5

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Communication Studies
Jade Miller

February 6 2017 Lecture 5 Visit from Writing Centre Consultant: [email protected] Annotated Bibliography: o APA citations o The annotation includes a descriptive and an evaluative component (approx. 150200 words) o A short sentence describing how you found the source o For each source, select what you consider to be the most important quote Total of 5 sources: 3 scholarly academic journals and 2 books or edited books For title of book only the first word is capitalized For a journal article the journal itself not the title is italicized **See Laurier writing center handout www.students.wlu.cawriting ** Annotations: 150200 words. o Each annotation will have both a descriptive and evaluative component o Descriptive not what you think of the article; avoid misrepresenting the authors views so he or she can be more easily attacked or dismissed. o Descriptive Questions to consider: o What is the research question or topic? o What is the problem that the author is trying to address? o What is the authors thesis conclusions? o What is the authors methodology? o What is the authors argument? o Temporarily suspend your own beliefs and try to put yourself in the authors position yet recognize that your summary is foreshadowing your evaluation o The Evaluation questions to consider: o What are the strengths and or weaknesses or the source? o Is the author credible and why? (educational background) o How is this source useful for me? (why is it relevant to my research question) o Subordination terms: Although, while, even though, despite, because, since, etc. o Quotation, Summary and Paraphrasing: o Quotation captures the exact wording written by another author. o Summary captures the essence of a piece of writing (e.g., a passage, article, book). Should be shorter than a paraphrase o Paraphrase captures more than the essence. A reformulation of the quotation in your own words. Should be longer than a summary. o Summary: A condensed version of somebody elses ideas or findings in your own words. In essence, this author saysarguesexplains that ___ o Paraphrase: Since a paraphrase contains most of the main points and details of the source material it is usually a similar length to the original. Tips change the sentence structure and change the keywords (use synonyms)
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