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Lecture 2

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Communication Studies
Ghislain Thibault

Media in Antiquity Media? Medium (singular) – any form that carries a message  Generally refers to mass media  The term appears in the 1920’s with the rise of national radio broadcasters (CBC, PBS) and large diffusion of newspapers and magazine  It signifies a means for communicating to a public or an audience (not a single person)  It relies on the model of broadcasting  For us in CS100, media are understood more broadly as auxiliaries (one using speech as an auxiliary in the moment, a book can be considered an auxiliary of that persons presence and thought that remains over time) of one’s presence in time and space.  Eg. An email mediates your presence to your friend. The email is an auxiliary of your own presence.  Mcluen (book understanding media) - “The medium is the message” o He gave us the definition of the media not as a channel for transmitting information, but structures of thought and our environment. Media transforms men and their environment. “Man remains as unaware of the psychic and social effects of his new technology as a fish of the water it swims in” We live in a world that is completely mediated, and it is like an extension of ourselves. The letter you send is an extension of my voice. The book I write is an extension of my thought. o When we change a media to another it will also change our relation to our environment and our relation to other people. It is different to write a twitter message than it is to put a status update on facebook.  Children who learn to use ipads.. magazines are ipads that don’t work… the kids try and move the TV screen with her hand sliding the ‘pages.’ The ipad, a means of communication changed the way the child interacted with their environment. It changes how your brain is wired, as to the connections you might make or may not make in terms of technology. That child may view every surface as an interactive surface. The work of the media is to represent  Even a stop sign is a media, it makes present a police man, or it represents the law, or a decision made by urbanists so we don’t crash our cars. It is a sign and a symbol that has been learned, the shape, the colour, the English word. Our reading glasses, our clothing is an extension of our skin.  We live in a symbolic world that engages us in media all the time  Homo sapiens are the only species using means of communication (media) and that organizes its world in symbols and signs.  Symbols are things whose special
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