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Lecture 4

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Communication Studies
Ghislain Thibault

Print Culture: The Press A Few Giant Leaps  From the invention of cuneiform (clay) (summer, c. 3100 BCE)  Papyrus (Egypt, c. 2600 BCE)  Standardization of ththalphabet (Ancient Greece, c. 7 BCE)  Use of Writing for bureaucracy (Roman Empire, 1 BCE-CE 476)  Invention of Paper (China, c. CE 105)  People could have power now, since they could have power over what could be written  Roman empire couldn’t survive because they relied on a media that was space biased (scrolls) and they were burned by ceasar. And that was the end of it Literacy in the Middle Ages  In the years of the dying Rome the Christian hierarchy modeled their organization on the imperial administration  Reserved for the elites, mostly monks/priest, within the church  Because of the monopoly over writing, historians argue that the clergy exercised authority over secular affairs (government affairs) as well as over religious affairs  For centuries after the decay of the Roman empire only the monks had access to literacy  They formed a group called monastic scriptorium- they would just re-write the bible. This biased time, but they wanted to gain territory  Royalties would turn to the clergy in order to have their laws written or their secular affair organized by the monks  Many kings did not even know how to write  He wou
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