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Lecture 3

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Communication Studies
Ghislain Thibault

Week 3 The Tradition of Western Literacy (P.36-37)  Some hieroglyphs and cuneiform character came to represent a sound, and an auditory dimension was created  1500 B.C 22-letter phoenician alphabet  Introduced to the Greek of Asia Minor and Vowels were added, creating a full range of sounds, not just consonant syllables. (Pure consonants were formed)  Eric Havelock: talks about the now ‘common reader.’ How writing affected memory and cognition. Specific media: wax tablets and papyrus.  Robert Logan: Shows how systems for writing and abstract numerals evolved from token logograms . Suggests how a number of alphabets and numbering systems cross influence each other. Says intelligence is to related to ability to write.  Walter On g: Assesses psychodynamics of orality: the way the world is viewed by individuals who do not have knowledge based on literacy’s visual and linear bias  James Burk
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