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Cs100 Lecture number 2

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Communication Studies
Ghislain Thibault

Thursday September 26 Lecture 2 Literate Culture: writing The Organs of writing  From tokens to pictograms to formal patterns  We move from 3D to 2D What were clay tablets used for in the City states of Sumer?  Legal contracts  Deeds of sales  Land transfer  Inventories  Accounts of temples See on page 17  Accountancy and administration  Primary function of writing What are the other early functions of writings in history? – Page 27-29  Historical records - writing made history possible  Propaganda- politicaldiscourse  Immortalitypresence that will remain in time  Predictions of the future Mayan calendar  Signature  linked to your identity, writing your name not saying it  Accountancy --. Fundamental function of writing to count and keep records of things, PRIMARY SOURCE OF WRITING Three writing systems Pictograph  Pictogram or pictographs= pictorial  Representation of concrete objects (p 29)  The pictogram resembles the object it represents *GRAPHS MEANS PICTURE (BCE= before Common Era)  Example- I pad Logographic  A sign or character representing a word. The logogram does not resemble that for which it stands (such as C
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