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Communication Studies
Martin Morris

CS 100B INTRODUCTION TO MEDIA HISTORY WINTER 2014 Dr Martin Morris 9 New Media and Old in the Information Age Highly recommended listen to In The Field CBC Radio 1 episode April 1 2014 Rewiring our kids This examines the use of mobile communication technologies social media digital devices and the relationship of this use to brain development especially among children httpwwwcbccainthefield when it becomes available This radio program may be used as a resource to answer a Term Paper topic questionThe use of mobile communication technology has increased substantially over the last few decades and seems to be intensifying compared to previous historyJames Beniger The Control Revolution o Bureaucracy the newly general and pervasive machinery for control of the societal forces unleashed by the Industrial Revolutiono After World War II however generalized control began to shift slowly to computer technologyo A restoration of the economic and political control that was lost at more local levels of society during the Industrial Revolution o The word control represents its most general definition purposive influence toward a predetermined goalo influence of one agent over another and purpose in the sense that influence is directed toward some prior goal of the controlling agent o Inseparable from the concept of control are the twin activities of information processing and reciprocal communication complementary factors in any form of controlo control must therefore involve the continual comparison of current states to future goals a basic problem of information processing o Feedback o Cybernetics o A societys ability to maintain controlwill be directly proportional to the development of its information technologieso technology any intentional extension of a natural process1
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