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Week three lecture- cross media convergence and concentration CS 101 Sept 28 Rogers assignment next tut class: Rogers media, 2 news articles 1 non newspaper (regulatory filing with the CRTC, corporate report) What are cultural industries? -Cultural industries: according to Unesco “cultural industries produce and distribute cultural goods or services ‘which at the time they are considered as a specific attribute, use or purpose, embody or convey cultural expressions, irrespective of the commercial value they may have: -they include such areas as film and television, publishing, music, museums (visual arts) museum is a place where heritage of that place is held, not just about spending money, key role in thinking who we are. -the term was originally critical (adorno & Horkheimer on the ‘culture industry’) but is now used more neutrally. - A way of lamenting the culture in the modern era -building cultural institutions to generate dollars from consumers These industries often are treated differently than other industries: this is due to a few factors: Ex. One song can’t be the exact same as another song -their products are often central to how individuals and communities view themselves and the world around them -many of the products, while reproduced on mass scale, make use of craft forms of production and creation -products are about innovation and variance -variation is a key factor. Structure it in a way that it has stability and space. Media convergence: One of the most significant trends in recent years has been the move towards cross-media convergence. Henry Jenkins has outlines the following forms of convergence: technological integration of various different content to one particular delivery platform (digital revolution) because text, images, music can all be digitized into zeros and ones, can all be handles by devises which make use of technology. >Pre-convergence: individual media, different kinds of content >convergence: different kinds of content, mixed media Technological convergence refers to digital Media’s ability to distribute many different kinds of content The reading on media convergence refers to the ipad, but any smartphone, all laptops are media technologies that are example of technological convergence Economic convergence: notion that companies no longer specialize in particular media but rather seek to expand across media. For ex news corporation own fox network, owned film studio, newspapers (expanding profit, expanding ways of reaching out to audience). Economic convergence refers to development of companies that have sought to take advantage of changing media technology to reduce costs, increase audiences. Thus, there are two kinds of economic convergence. How does a particular good go from a market back to source of raw materials of which the product was made. >vertical integration: involves companies en
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