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Wilfrid Laurier University
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Hayward T

CS 101---refer to slides Introduction to Mass Communication in Canada Week 2- What’s “Canadian” about Canadian media? Different ways of answering: whats “Canadian” media? Content- what is the subject matters talked about? Refers to places, people, ways of living that are associated with everyday life in Canada. (hockey, cold winters). Drawback: Its pretty restrictive if all Canadian media only talks about Canada. Creators- (no specific relation to Canada) but creators are Canadian. Not every form of expression or use of media by Canadians needs to talk about Canadian places or people. Ownership- are the people who own the object Canadian. for (ex. Rogers is Canadian because the shareholders are Canadian aswell) Sense of nationalism. Why does it matter? Canadian media is seen to play a key role in the building ad maintain of the nation itself: Cultural consequences-this gets at the very heart at the way we think about media, sense of how we live our life. Media; the content, media; the technology, effect how we view ourselves as belonging or not belonging to a particular economy. What we watch, what we listen to or read defines how we identify to belonging to Canada. Economic consequences- how is it possible to ensure that the needs and interests and rights of Canadians are being respected unless it is Canadians who own that mediate infrastructure. Canadian citizens must hold the broadcasts in radio and televisions. National concern: Concern if u let another nation run your media that you let them broadcast content into the country and change how we felt Governing Media- this is why history of Canadian media has long involved government intervention in order to ensure that media served the needs of the nations as well as the needs of private interests Long history of Canadian media and communication policy that has addressed concerns Identity, Industry Two key areas of media policy Content regulation- whats on/inside the paper? Books about? Ownership- Regulation of Canadian content is a key area for media policy in Canada. The follows from two of the goals outlined by the broadcasting act. These ask that broadcast media:  Should serve to safeguard, enrich and strengthen the cultural,, political, social and economic fabric of Canada  Should encourage the developemt of Canadian expression by providing a wide range of programming that reflects Canadian attitude, opinions, ideas, values and artistic creativity There are two main methods the government engages in 1. direct involvement in production of funding through subsidy- -funding of public broadcasting (CBC) using tax revenues. Portion of money goes to CBC. we pay for programs through taxes. Government grant takes up to 2/3 of budget for CBC. The use of tax credits and subsidies is also used to fund programming production or requiring private companies to set aside money for media productions in Canada;
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