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2009 ‘fee for carriage’ campaign by the CTV and Global Television networks, which was carried on through their affiliated newspaper outlets as Well as on their television stations 1920 ensures that the broadcasting system is controlled by Canadians, public/private broadcasting, reflects Canadian values, promotes Canadian content, and makes use of Canadian resources 1972 the distributions of television by satellite began 1990s saw development of digital media allowing distribution of pics, music video over internet 2009 CRTC after examining the 1999 exemption of broadcasting decided to continue to exempt regulation broadcasting over the internet 2011 over-the-air television transmission in major markets and on certain channels in other areas switched from analog to digital 1929 The Aird Commission – recommendation to establish a public broadcaster 1951 The Massey Commission- outlines the threat to Canadian culture and identity due to the overwhelming presence of American Culture 1955- The Fowler Commission- The recommendation to create an independent governing body for 1958 radio and tv 1991 The broadcasting act- lays out the foundations of media law and regulations in Canada to this day 1999 The decision not to regulate new media like television or radio 1990s Convergence as a business strategy gained popularity 1975 Federal Communications commission restriction prohibiting cross 2000 Convergence transformed Canada’s media landscape in 2000 2006 CanWest (owner of Ottawa citizen) introduces RushHour first evening newspaper 1950s- Newspaper stands decline in use 1960s 2004 Facebook launched developed by mark zuckerberg 2007 Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty made headlines for banning civil servants from accessing
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