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CS 101 Week Two Lecture Notes

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Communication Studies
Jeremy Hunsinger

September 17, 2013 Canadian Media Structures and Institutions Institutions: Rules and governing systems that we organize ourselves by (laws, norms, etc) - Some examples are the government, universities, the CRTC, CBC… - One goal of institutions is to mediate our lives Cultural Sovereignty: The control of your cultural sphere within nation or state Public Broadcasters: Provide elements of public sphere in Canada; provide content that Canadians are supposed to watch; funded in part by government through taxes - CBC (allows you to develop cultural sovereignty) - TVO - TeleQuebec - Vision TV - Aboriginal People’s Television Network - British Broadcasting System (BBC) – British model for CBC; changed when pop culture became more predominant in the 1960’s - Public Broadcasting System (PBS) – American model for CBC Is Canada a unified nation? - Think Quebec… - Does everyone in Canada have the same ideals, language, or political aspirations? - Quebec is part of the Canadian state, not the Canadian nation - Canada wants cultural sovereignty because of Americanization – we are losing our identity - Canada is both unified and divided Cultural Policy: Allowing people to be more or less integrated in Canada High and Low Cultures: - CBC has a medium-low culture - Divide is hard to maintain in countries with low population Canada and Television: - Canada was a late-comer to television – around the 1950’s - TV was developed in the 1920-1930’s - The first broadcast didn’t happen until the 40’s/50’s - Mass media brought people together - First TV sets were all within 15 miles of NYC - Canada has a more pluralistic model of broadcasting than Britain - Canada spend $34 per person on broadcasting per year, as opposed to the $87 per person and $107 per person figure in the USA and Britain respectively Canadian Values Promoted Today: - Multiculturalism (Officially, Canada’s most multicultural city is Vancouver, but today Mississauga is probabl
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