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Communication Studies
Jeremy Hunsinger

Mass Comm.-CS-101 Sept 17,2013 Canadian media structures & institutions  CRTC is an institution in media  Media institutions – CBC , CRTC  All institutions have goals , stated or not stated What is a public broadcaster? Who is a public broadcaster? CBC-public TVO-public Vision tv Aboriginal peoples tv network. The British broadcasting inc, our model for public broadcasting  Cultural sovreingty- the control of your own cultural sphere within a nation or a state o Develop idea of cultural sovreingty o Concerned about cultural sovereignty because of American broadcasters/broadcasting Cultural policy- a thing that our media institutions work with Canada was a late comer to television. (1920’s) First broadcast (1940’s-1950’s) What are some Canadian values that are on television?  Multiculturalism  Canadian nationalism We are one of the lowest spending bands, about 34 dollars per person Liberalize-more free Links commission The CRTC And what the links commission wants to with the CRTC The broadcasting ACT  English , French , inuit language M-music A-artist P-performance- L-lyrics Cultural sovereignty Canadian values Pluralism culturalism Foreign content Canadian content Comm Sept 24,2013 Mass communication means how we mold and Direct the public Mass media didn’t happen until recently , to be able to plug in everywhere or any where and its personalized. In 1983 there were 15 major corporations , now there is 5 Corporations make up 83% of media  Quebecor  State media/public media There are many different media outlets , newspapers , high school newspapers are considered alternative media. When we are told and given so many choices and things are layed out for you , do we need a democratic media to have a democracy? Top media sources, who own the majority of the industry  Walt Disney  Bertelsmann  time warner  News corp.  viacom law against Canadian corps being owned by bigger corps.  Canwest  Quebecor  Ctv  Global media These tend to come from the Canadian sphere of broadcasting, these corps must be showing a percentage of Canadian content. Horizontal integration- if they diversity Vertical integration-if they own all the studios the whole production regime Fair access policy- to develop their cultures and languages Comm-CS-101 Oct 8, 2013 Canada:1760 news print, print journalism IN Canada print newspapres tend to come and go quicker, the old main ones stay . Three different periods of Canadian journalism  Government news- the tra
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